February Happenings

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Manifest Sacral Chakra Energy

The new Manifest Series continues in February with Manifest Sacral Chakra Energy (Swadishtana). Positioned in the lower abdomen and pelvic realm, the Swadhishthana chakra aligns with the sacral nerve plexus.

Join Sri Preethaji for this 3-hour Manifest to activate your sacral chakra energy and manifest a beautiful life from a beautiful state!

Sunday February 11

9:00 am PT  10:00 am MT  11:00 am CT  12:00 pm ET

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Krishanaji Inspiration

SKY – Sri Krishnaji & Youth

SKY is an extraordinary opportunity for young people to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and leadership with Sri Krishnaji.

SKY is open to anyone between the ages of 14-30 years via an annual membership. SKY meets on the third Sunday January – December 2024.

Sri Krishnaji’s vision is to create a new generation of human beings with whole-brain intelligence and awakened hearts, who can conquer their personal challenges and rise in response to the problems of the world.

Sunday February 18

4:30 AM PT  5:30 AM MT  6:30 AM CT  7:30 AM ET

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Sri Preethaji in USA

Preethaji FOA

Field of Awakening

Register now for an immersive 4-day transformational journey, Field of Awakening: Pure Consciousness, in Coral Springs FL  

  • Break free of karmic patterns from the past
  • Experience life free of pulls and pushes, present to the great sacredness of life
  • Journey towards a very sacred and auspicious enlightenment from a state of pure consciousness

Participants will be initiated to give the sacred gift of Deeksha, a tool that has the power to change neural pathways, open the heart for healing and create a dynamic personal connection with Divine Consciousness

 March 21- 24

Marriott Coral Springs Hotel & Convention Center



Journeys at Ekam



Tapas is happening this month at Ekam. We are thinking of all the USA and Canada seekers who are there, and wishing them a beautiful journey. The next opportunity to participate in Tapas is July.

The Tapas journey is a 42-day immersion at Ekam, designed for seekers of awakening and enlightenment. At Tapas, you take an intensive, inner dive deep into self-realization and god-realization, and ultimately oneness. 

Apply for the Tapas and plan your travel to India.

  • July 12  – August 8 Tapas 1-4 (28 days)
  • July 12 – July 25 Tapas 1-2 (14 days)
  • July 26 – August 8 Tapas 3-4 (14 days)
  • Nov 5 – Nov 18 Tapas 5-6 (14 days)

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Mystic Abundance Festival

Join Sri Krishnaji and Sri Preethaji at Ekam for the Mystic Abundance Festival. The festival is all about cleansing, rejuvenating, transcending and awakening. It’s like hitting a life reset button!

Through insightful wisdom teachings, mystical processes, and the limitless field meditations, the festival will be an awakening to the power of Universal Intelligence and elevation of your state of being. Imagine feeling more joy, courage, peace, and purpose in your life.

Plan your travel to India now.

April 21 – 27

Tickets include accommodations and meals.

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Abundance Festival

Oneness USA-Canada Events

Oneness Meditation Centers

OM Centers are a place to gather, to connect, and to grow together in the spirit of Enlightenment and Oneness.

Designed by Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji, OM Centers offer an inspiring menu of Oneness programs and practices.

  • Soul Sync Meditation
  • Serene Mind Practice
  • Oneness Prayer
  • Oneness Health Practice
  • Oneness Yoga
  • Deeksha

 OM Centers

Oneness Courses & Experiences

Oneness USA-Canada is fortunate to have a cadre of Oneness Trainers who offer powerful courses and experiences designed by Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji.

Course offerings this month include: The Beautiful State, 2-day course for living in calm connection; Stress Detox, 2-day course for dissolving stress from consciousness; and Oneness Siddhi, an experience of enlightenment gifted by Tapas participants upon their return from Ekam.

Check out the USA-Canada Events calendar for up to date course listings.

Events Calendar

Oneness Courses

Special Offerings

Oneness Experience

Oneness Experience

Bring Oneness into your life!

On the first Sunday of the month, join the Oneness Experience on Zoom with Oneness Dasas (spiritual teachers), Kumarji, Radhikaji & Smithaji. These powerful 90-minute calls will guide your spiritual journey to inner peace, a quiet mind, and Oneness with all!

You will receive: beautiful meditations, insightful teachings, special processes, powerful Deeksha, and take-home spiritual practices.

Sunday February 4

5:00 pm PT  6:00 pm MT  7:00 pm CT  8:00 pm ET

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Passcode: 123456

Oneness Yoga-Soul Sync

Experience Svasthi, Oneness Yoga, and Soul Sync live from Ekam for 40 minutes every evening.

Svasthi is a blessing for good fortune. Oneness Yoga clears away blocks to peace and calm. Soul Sync is a guided meditation to fulfill heartfelt intentions.

Live from Ekam

4:30 pm PT  5:30 pm MT  6:30 pm CT  7:30 pm ET

Blessing   Prayer

Ekam Siddhi

Rituals at Ekam


Maha Dhanvantri Homa

Dhanvantri Homa is a fire ceremony performed to cure illness and restore the body with full health. Dhanvantri is known as the father of Ayurveda medicine, one of the world’s oldest holistic medical systems and one of India’s traditional health care systems.

This powerful ceremony addresses the diseases of the eye, heart, kidney, blood, cancer, lung, skin, bone, gastric, neurological, liver, pancreas, psychological, and pathogenic.

Saturday February 3

5:00 pm PT 6:00 pm MT  7:00 pm CT  8:00 pm ET

Single: $200    Family: $600

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