Abundace Festival

Unlock Transcendental Treasures

Experience Awakening & Abundance

At Ekam

April 21 – 27,  2024  at Ekam


Awaken to the Power of Universal Intelligence

Have you ever felt like life keeps throwing challenges your way, and you’re not sure why? If that resonates with you, then the Abundance Festival might be just what you need.

The festival is all about cleansing, rejuvenating, transcending and awakening. It’s like hitting a life reset button! 

Through insightful wisdom teachings, mystical processes, and the limitless field meditations, the festival will be an awakening to the power of Universal Intelligence and elevation of your state of being. Imagine feeling more joy, courage, peace, and purpose in your life.

That’s the transformative experience waiting for you at the Abundance Festival.


The cost of the Abundance Festival is based on the selected accommodations. The campus options include:

  • Svasti Campus: Dormitory $3,500  
  • Sattva Campus: Standard (Double) $4,500 or (Single) $9,000  Executive (Double) $5,000 or (Single) $10,000

All campus options include meals, air-conditioning, and laundry service.