Journeys at Ekam

Mystic Experiences in India

Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji have created sacred journeys at Ekam in India for seekers of enlightenment. These include Tapas, Anubhava, and the Abundance Festival. When you experience powerful states of consciousness at Ekam, they become impressions on your brain, and your nervous system. They become your compass to navigate the waters of life forever.

Sacred Experiences


For seekers yearning for enlightenment, Tapas burns lifetimes of karma and ignorance. Tapas is a sacred Sanskrit term that denotes a process of kindling inner radiance and stoking the mystic fire in consciousness. Tapas is held in the sanctum of Ekam and in the womb of nature, amidst the surrounding hills and forests. Tapas is designed to push you into self-realization and god-realization. 

The 42-day journey is divided into six one-week course.  Each course offers a specific liberation and requires one week to complete. You may participate in Tapas 1-4 in any order. Once you complete Tapas 1-4, you may be selected to attend Ekam Tapas 5-6


Anubhava, a two day immersive retreat, is offered every weekend at Ekam. This journey is a meditative experience to rejuvenate your body, a liberating experience to free your mind, an ecstatic experience to open your heart, a transcendental experience to elevate your soul, and an awakening of the divine within.

Whether you’re a seasoned spiritual seeker or new to meditation, you are welcome to join us with your family and friends at Anubhava to rewrite your destiny.

Abundance Festival

At its core, the seven-day Abundance Festival is about cleansing, rejuvenating, transcending and awakening. Through insightful wisdom teachings, mystical processes, and the limitless field meditations, the festival will be an awakening to the power of Universal Intelligence and elevation of your state of being. Imagine feeling more joy, courage, peace, and purpose in your life.