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Oneness Meditations

Meditations for Life

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of daily meditation. Crafted by enlightened masters, Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji, these meditations cultivate a profound sense of calm, ease, clarity, strength, inspiration, and oneness.

Soul Sync

soul sync

Manifest Heartfelt Dreams

Soul Sync is a powerful meditation to help you manifest your heartfelt dreams and wishes into realities. This sequence of breath-work, sound vibration, visualization and observation will help you be in sync with life.

During the Soul Sync, you are moving your brain away from its chaotic neurological activity to that of greater coherence. And with this state of consciousness, you are holding an intention that can manifest into the world of matter as reality.

Soul Sync is best done in the morning as soon as you wake up.

  • Start the day from a beautiful state, it flows into your day.
  • Relax your body and calm the mind.
  • Feel harmonious, uplifted, and energized.

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Serene Mind Practice

Awaken to Calm in Minutes

The Serene Mind Practice is a potent meditation for dissolving stress and returning to calm. This simple, 3-minute practice is built on the principle of nonresistance to inner experience to find inner calm.

This effective meditation helps you move into peace whenever you feel limited by your own inner state of discomfort & disturbance. When feeling stressed, pause, play the Serene Mind, and return to your life with renewed clarity and calm.

  • Be more present to life.
  • Build emotional intelligence and move through life with ease and strength.
  • Be in a space of great quiet, where insights are found, and wise choices are made.

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Serene Mind Practice

Ekam-Oneness Prayer

Oneness Prayer

Communion with the Divine

The Ekam Prayer is a special revelation to Sri Krishnaji, for helping humanity connect to the universal intelligence in the form of a personal divine and to draw from that power so as to manifest breakthroughs in your personal life.

Through the Ekam Prayer, you engage the totality of your being in communion with the divine and you involve your soul, heart and body to draw power from the universe.

You may do the prayer every day or on days when you feel the need to be connected to the divine in a powerful way. It is especially effective if you do it during the four cardinal times of the day, which are sunrise, sunset, midday and midnight.

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Ekam Mantra

Hamsa Sohum Ekam

The Ekam Mantra has the immense power to put your mind into a meditative state, the theta brain state. As you chant the Ekam Mantra, your consciousness opens to experiencing oneness with yourself, with your family and friends, with the world, with nature, with the universe, and ultimately oneness with your divine!

The Ekam Mantra can be chanted anywhere, anytime, with any intention.

  • Hamsa in the chant means I am one with Universal Intelligence. I do not exist separate from it.
  • Sohum means Universal Intelligence is one with me. Universal Intelligence cannot exist independent of me.
  • Ekam means the one. All there is, is the one. All there is, is Universal Intelligence.

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Ekam Siddhi

Blessings from Ekam

Ekam Mantra

Experience Svasthi (Blessings), Oneness Yoga, and Soul Sync broadcast live from Ekam for 40 minutes every evening.

Svasthi is a blessing for good fortune. Oneness Yoga clears away blocks to peace and calm. Soul Sync is a guided meditation to fulfill heartfelt intentions. 

Live from Ekam

4:30 pm PT  5:30 pm MT  6:30 pm CT  7:30 pm ET

Blessing   Prayer


The Breathing Room

A Space to Breathe

Experience more Oneness Meditations in the Breathing Room. Get started with free meditations and subscribe when you are ready for more. No matter if you are new to meditation or have an existing practice, the Breathing Room’s meditations empower you to manage the pressures of modern life with ease and strength. 

Can we truly feel for something larger than us? Can our hearts expand beyond ourselves? Can we connect and unify as One?

Breathing Room is that space to breathe for a higher purpose and a new consciousness.

“Relax the body, it heals. Observe the mind, it calms. Connect in consciousness, you become whole.” ~ Sri Preethaji